Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Feb 20, 2019 - Ancient social traditions could be a powerful part of your day, Sagittarius. An emotional event concerning your family - wedding, christening, or other milestone - could especially move you. In the rush of social interactions, you will probably keep a tight rein on the expression of your feelings. Keeping up appearances could be more important to you than usual. Do it, but be yourself.
Feb 20, 2019 - The position of the planets in the sky may bring about the opportunity to make a clean break with someone with whom you have been having a pretty intense relationship. You have come to a deeper understanding of why you became involved in this partnership in the first place, and may have to admit that perhaps it wasn't out of entirely heart-centered motives. You would be better to come clean and be honest.
Feb 20, 2019 - People want to see solid proof to substantiate the promises you made yesterday. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you can't show others that you are willing to stay true to your word, you are going to lose tremendous support.
Feb 20, 2019 - Make what you do count by cutting back on processed sugar and other dietary "no-no's". The energy that you have to work with feels a bit thin with the planetary alignment today. You react on a high plane to the stirring force of these transits and may feel psychologically exhausted. So much is going on in your unconscious and there is never enough time to focus. Be sure to get plenty of rest and to eat a strictly conservative diet based on fresh produce.
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