Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - A focus on an emotional sector encourages you not to ignore your feelings, especially those that seem to intrude on your everyday life. As a Scorpio, the temptation may be to suppress them and keep them under control, but doing so could work against you this week.

Plus, with fiery Mars in your romantic zone making some key angles, it might be difficult to know what to do regarding a romance. With Venus rewinding and linking to the red planet, you may be torn between sharing how you feel and keeping things quiet for now. No matter what decision you make now, your feelings are likely to change again, so perhaps it’s best to take each day as it comes rather than be too hasty.

A lunar eclipse in your money zone on Friday could bring your attention to financial matters and any issues that need special care. Avoid making snap decisions, and get advice from a reputable source if necessary.
Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - It’s a lot easier to take yourself less seriously as the sun continues its trip through easygoing Gemini this week. If a crush or ex says something about you that isn’t very complimentary, just laugh it off. Their loss, Scorpio.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in far-seeing Sagittarius at the end of the week ask you to tie up loose ends so you can move forward in the future. You aren’t usually afraid of endings, so why are you hesitating?

Some of your worst behavior surfaces during the sun-Mars square over the weekend, which can forever change a relationship that’s developing. Think carefully before you do something you can’t undo.
Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - This period begins on a strong note. You might be feeling more aggressive than usual. This is a great time to mix with the public. You should enjoy more positive feedback from customers and co-workers. This doesn't guarantee making points with higher-ups. This is a lucky period for communication. Approach difficulties as problems to be solved. Be someone who can avoid petty conflicts. Events bring the potential for a new start that improves your job prospects.
Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - Sometimes too much talking can be a bad thing. You may find out just where that line is now. The Universe can cloud things or ensure that messages get garbled or undelivered. The good news is that activity in your social activities, groups, and self-employment sector smooths over any misunderstandings with kind words and soothing gestures. From there, it's easier to attract the kinds of deals and offers you want.
Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - The focus on your health zone is helping you think about how to bring your life into greater balance and harmony. You may find this period unsettling. It's possible that a health issue may reappear due to stress. If so, it's even more important that you cut out the activities that cause these problems in the first place.
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