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June 2020 - As Mars, planet of passion, powers through your romance sector (your solar fifth house) throughout most of the month, you are smoldering with desire. Energy to build love and express yourself will radiate from you during June. This is also a magnificent time to create art or involve yourself in a hobby, as you will not only feel more fulfilled but also show the world more of the color upon your soul.

Venus, the planet of love and romance, will be spinning backward in your intimacy sector (your solar eighth house) throughout much of the month, until June 24, meaning that, if attached, you could be revisiting relationship needs with a partner. Single Scorpios could be reconnecting with past lovers during this time as well, either to learn if they’re finally ready to give each other what each party needs or if they can release each other fully once and for all. Venus retrogrades affect you quite intensely because she rules your sector of marriage (solar seventh house). When Venus revisits the past, so do you reflect or reunite with significant ones from before, too.

Mercury retrograde begins on the seventeenth in Cancer (your solar ninth house), so expect that some things may become even fuzzier at the end of the month. For years you may have felt disillusioned with love due to Neptune, planet of imagination and mystery, spinning through your romance sector (your solar fifth house). Neptune goes retrograde on June 22, helping you turn your attention inward and focus on your intimate needs. It’s been a long trek in love for you. Use this time to consider how you can understand more of what you’re looking for rather than ignore this deep soul searching and repeat a pattern.

Last to note in June is the power of the eclipses dominating your life. A lunar eclipse on the fifth brings to light a powerful moment regarding your finances (your solar second house). For many Scorpios, expect this to be a pay raise or lucrative new job.

However, the solar eclipse on June 20 (your solar ninth house) will be more “fun” as it encourages you to explore new territories of your life). Release the familiar and consider ways you can expand your mind, either through travel (conditions permitting) or academics. Other Scorpios could find interest in media opportunities at this time. No matter what, release the common ground and open your wings to fly.

Standout days: 7, 10, 25
Challenging days: 4, 11, 22
June 2020 - Forget about what you’ve been thinking about lately. When the Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse arrive on June 5, you’re asked to expand your scope and look beyond what you thought was possible. This isn’t the time to settle, Scorpio. Keep those expectations high!

A Cancer new moon on the twentieth reminds you of what’s truly important, and the Crab’s emotional energy encourages you to find someone who makes you feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Playing house is fun, but you’ve got your heart set on the real thing.

Your co-ruler Mars visits Aries, the other fiery sign it rules, on June 27, bringing out your jealous, competitive side. You might not want an ex anymore, but you also can’t stand the thought of them being with anyone else. And yes, you know this is childish behavior, but you can’t help it. This transit brings out your vengeful side.
June 2020 - The full moon brings a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and your house of money on June 5. Shifts in how you handle your personal finances are advised now. Update your passwords. Look for money opportunities because they’ll be abundant over the next few months.

Mercury goes retrograde in your area of contracts and legal matters on the seventeenth. This might be a good time to settle rather than pursue a lengthy court case.

Your ruler Pluto makes an extraordinary conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, between June 19 and July 9. Use this period to work on your most ambitious goals and connect with influential people.

On the twentieth, the solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer affects contracts. If you work with international companies or you’re scheduling travel for business, your plans could be interrupted. Scorpio natives may find that agreements need to be reworked, or it's possible someone will tear up a contract.

The energy turns positive after June 24, as Venus in Gemini begins to move forward. This could bring you an investment opportunity or small windfall.
June 2020 - Healer Chiron is in your wellness sector for the long term, so you may become aware of any weaknesses that are affecting your well-being.

You might be partial to ice cream or find it hard to resist other comfort foods. If so, you’ll realize that this is taking a toll on your health. With Chiron here, you have an opportunity to overcome these cravings, perhaps by using mindfulness or another method that can help you make healthier choices.

You might also become interested in energy healing and the great potential it has for your and others’ well-being. Studying it could make a positive difference in your life.
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