Jul 23 - Aug 22

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Feb 20, 2019 - An intense, emotional dream could move you so powerfully that you wake with the odd sense that the dream was real. Write it down, Leo. Maybe it is. Efforts to overcome obstacles and advance yourself in your career could finally be paying off. You might be walking around in a daze asking if it's really happened. It has. Make the most of it. And don't be afraid to reveal your feelings to others.
Feb 20, 2019 - Relationships have a refreshing quality today, with today's favorable transits. So this is a great time to review your current love affair and decide if you have anything to bring into the open. Is there anything that needs to be said, any issues that need discussing, or anything that is weighing on your mind and preventing you from moving forward? Air all your linen while the opportunity for honesty surrounds you.
Feb 20, 2019 - The exuberance of yesterday dies down as you realize that there are inherent flaws in a plan that you thought was invincible. This is no reason to throw in the towel completely. Make modifications, but don't give up altogether. Too much is at stake.
Feb 20, 2019 - Your loving character will bring out the best in those around you. Your compassion and willingness to be with others in the here and now will brighten the lives of those you touch. In order to keep yourself going in a healthy and positive direction, look to yourself each day and make sure you have what you need to feel your best. This most likely means staying away from dairy products and getting the exercise your strong body needs.
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