Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Jul 22, 2018 - You're anxious to take action, Cancer, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Be careful about acting too hastily. It's important that you and your loved one be on the same page first. You're probably ready to jump to the end of the book where everyone lives happily ever after. There's a whole story that has to play out first. Feel free to take aggressive action, but make sure that you temper it with a dash of common sense.
Jul 22, 2018 - The alignment of the planets seems to indicate that you can get your wicked way with your loved one, as long as you can use verbal persuasion to put your case forward sufficiently. You can try any other means to get them to share your point of view, but ultimately it will be your command of language that wins the day. You need a light, fluid, flexible, and adaptable approach.
Jul 22, 2018 - Tremendous opportunities are at your fingertips right now - especially with regard to any work involving film, acting, or the arts. If you ever had thoughts about becoming a movie star or producer, now is the time to move forward with these dreams.
Jul 22, 2018 - Today is all about reform. Whatever can be improved upon, your soul is right on the scene. You finally want to start focusing more on your well-being. You are known for being focused on the greater good while sometimes egregiously ignoring the personal, the right here at home, the person looking at you in the mirror... Get where this is going? Stop saving the world and get yourself to the gym, and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.
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