May 21 - Jun 20

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Jul 22, 2018 - You may have that awful feeling that you really need to get down to work yet something seems to stand square in the way of progress. Perhaps you feel like you're at a four-way stop with three other cars. Everyone is anxious to go first. You can't all go at once, yet no one knows whose turn it is. Don't put the pedal to the metal. Instead, ease slowly into the intersection and clearly signal your intentions.
Jul 22, 2018 - The aspect at play makes romance a fairly lighthearted affair, but this may be just a pleasant interlude after a time of passion and intensity. Sometimes it is nice just to be able to talk about anything and everything without feeling that you are working on issues that you HAVE to get to the bottom of, or feeling the need to try and transform your relationship within a few hours.
Jul 22, 2018 - You will have a burst of physical energy today that will inspire you to tackle many projects with little difficulty. Just make sure that you don't annoy others as you do so. Your tendency may be to steamroll over people to get certain things done.
Jul 22, 2018 - Pass the mustard! Mustard seed is an ancient treatment for loosening up what is rigid and defiant. You sometimes feel a sense of despondency or depression - if only a little mustard could do the trick! To expand on this ancient wisdom, focus at this time on loosening up your body. A stretch class only twice a week will transform you into a different person, I promise. The more you loosen up your body, the more possibility there is for expansion in your life.
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