May 21 - Jun 20

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Jun 5, 2020 - New circumstances could put you in touch with some interesting and exciting people from distant places. You might discuss business, but not boring shoptalk. Rather, you may have some intriguing yet workable ideas for future projects that could make a difference to you and others. If you've been thinking about forming a new partnership, Gemini, this is an auspicious day for serious discussion.
Jun 5, 2020 - Today's planetary alignment helps you to feel more mellow and relaxed than you have for some time. If you will be seeing your lover, then it will probably be a very romantic and memorable occasion. You will be surprised at how easily you are charmed into submission by all the right kinds of attention but do keep one foot on the ground at least.
Jun 5, 2020 - A woman in power is of great importance to you today. This woman could be a female co-worker or employer. Perhaps she is someone outside your workplace. Either way, you should listen and respect her. She has important advice to give to you.
Jun 5, 2020 - If you feel like you are slipping backwards, try planting your hooves into a big green salad - preferably with some avocado in it! Perhaps you don't have anything seriously wrong, but a sense of "being left out" or "missing the point" could bug you today. If you feel cranky and "fed up," you might try drinking a gallon of water to help clear the way for tomorrow. Warm water is better than cold.
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