Apr 20 - May 20

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Nov 20, 2018 - You can never be anyone other than who you are, Taurus! That's the way it is and you can't change it. Other members of your family may have dreamed of getting free of a duty or a moral lesson, but these dreams don't apply to you. Your dreams of being someone else are like phantoms that have come back to haunt you. Simply brush them away!
Nov 20, 2018 - Love can be fun today, if you enjoy the feeling of being pursued relentlessly by an unstoppable force. Someone looks set to set their sights on you, and not let go until they have had a chance to date you. If you don't mind all the attention - and you generally don't - then you can pace this one out at your leisure.
Nov 20, 2018 - Be sure that you are following your dreams! Maintain a hopeful spirit that you will indeed achieve what you set out to achieve in this lifetime. You are reaching for a bright star - your own personal star of destiny. Embrace this dream. Live it!
Nov 20, 2018 - You love to entertain, but suffer from the irrational fear that people won't come to the party - or something like that! This fear of rejection is something we all have, and you can reduce the effects with some simple exercises (literally!). Try sticking to an exercise routine, and when you feel like giving up just tell yourself that you will not let yourself "reject" doing what is good for you! Doing this over and over again will lessen your fear of loneliness.
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