Apr 20 - May 20

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Sep 22, 2018 - There could be trouble brewing in the workplace, Taurus. Some of your colleagues neither like nor trust each other and find it impossible to work together. Adjustments are needed if everyone is going to work to the best of their abilities. If you're in a position to handle this, do it now. If you aren't, distance yourself from the situation. It's the only way to stay sane!
Sep 22, 2018 - You are mistress of the fixed smile that remains perfectly in place despite war, death, or famine. This is the sort of day that may encourage a scenario in which your loved one manages to change the goalposts in this regard. After they have delivered some "interesting" news, we might see visible signs of life, as your lips wobble and curve into what could actually be a real smile. Three cheers!
Sep 22, 2018 - You are fired up. Other people had best move aside because you are on the move and you are getting things done. You may feel a bit frazzled since you have so much energy to burn, but overall you are feeling good and moving with great confidence.
Sep 22, 2018 - There is a cure for feeling cranky and fed-up with people, but it's probably not something you'll want to hear if you feel this way! Take some time out and re-focus on yourself. Listen to your favorite music, bring some fresh flowers home and put them in every room in the house. Freshen up your surroundings and then ask yourself: what is it that you are doing that is not working? Everyone gets lost once in a while. Breathe deeply, and remember that every day is a chance to start over.
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