Apr 20 - May 20

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Jun 5, 2020 - Enthusiasm for your own ideas as well as for those of others could catapult you into the spotlight today, Taurus. You might become an expert perhaps on scientific or occult subjects. You're on an emotional high and looking forward to the future. You've got a lot of plans that are not only exciting but also workable. Make the most of them, and don't be afraid to share them with others.
Jun 5, 2020 - You may think you have encountered your soul mate today, under the influence of today's interplay of astral energies. If you are out somewhere, you could feel that it is a question of love at first sight, as they have that kind of an effect upon you. You will be subject to powerful emotions - but don't allow yourself to get too carried away.
Jun 5, 2020 - Clarity comes when you are able to ground yourself and think in a rational, practical manner. Stability will be the name of the game, so if you can embrace just this one concept, you will be in perfect harmony with everyone and everything.
Jun 5, 2020 - You can tend to put the blame on others when you feel unfulfilled, and today could be a day of special sensitivity for you. Be gentle with yourself and try to express your feelings without putting the blame on others. A healthy dose of green vegetables (broccoli, a fresh spinach salad, Brussels sprouts) will give you the extra energy you need to fight off negative feelings. Don't despair - you can help yourself more than you think! Pay close attention to your diet today.
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