Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Dec 13, 2018 - Use gadgets and electronic devices to make life easier today, Aquarius. Why take the time to chop food by hand when you can use the food processor? Realize that there is most likely an easier way to tackle any task. If something seems too hard, ask for advice how to do the job more quickly and efficiently. Information exchange will play a big role in your day.
Dec 13, 2018 - You may find loved ones lacking in necessary tact. If you are feeling sensitive today, it may be better if you spend a few hours alone and wander around visiting art galleries or making a call to a good friend. Rather than spending the day feeling cross and fed up at your partner (current or prospective)'s crassness, enjoy some time by yourself.
Dec 13, 2018 - No one will take you seriously at your job today unless you have solid facts and concrete evidence to back up what you say. If you have to make any sort of presentation, be sure you are well prepared. Others will see through the holes in your plan.
Dec 13, 2018 - For a creature who enjoys the light, today's aspect at play presents you with a variety of options for shedding and spreading a little. If you have had misunderstandings with those you love, this may be the day you can finally see that person's point of view. Similarly, if you've been feeling misunderstood, this a good day to communicate your feelings. If you have a lover, maybe you should leave the light on, when normally you would turn it off - have a little fun with this one!
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